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Is 5-HTP safe with Lamictal, ativan, klonopin seroquel? My doctor says it is and a compounding pharmacist/chemist said it was. My regular pharmacist had never heard of it

Posted: 9 days ago by Seeking Wellness

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Details: Went up to 300 mg Lamictal this week and trying to decide to add small dose of Prozac for depression if the Lamictal doesn't relieve it or 5-HTP at night before bedtime. (added 12/16/2011--I decided against the Prozac since I think it makes me anxious.) It's a bit complicated and I need to know if 5-HTP safe and if it works. I am going to have to wean myself off the Ativan slowly and trying to relieve anxiety. Scared that Prozac will increase anxiety at first, but not sure if 5-HTP even really works or is safe. In past, Prozac 20 mg seemed to increase anxiety but Dr. is now prescribing 10 mg instead and said I could take it every other day at first. Must decide within a few days if I am going to do the Prozac or the 5-HTP, as I know it's one or the other. And does it work?

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Looking for more experiences with 5-HTP and Seroquel and Klonopin. My doctor wants me to take the Seroquel 50 mg and Klonopin 0.5 mg 30-60 minutes prior, before it makes me sleepy, along with my multivitamins that have plenty of B vitamins in them, and then take the 5-HTP on an empty stomach 5-15 minutes before sleep. I'm scared to do it but want more improvement in my depression. The Lamictal is really helping but I don't know if enough.