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Which is stronger - tramadol hcl 50mg or hydrocodone-apap 7.5-325?


bestpup 14 July 2018

Hello Giddymo
Generally speaking hydrocodone 7.5 (Vicodin) has more narcotic in it then Tramadol 50 mgs. However, pain medications are not about strength. Instead it all comes down to which pain medication works best for you and your condition for which your taking the pain med.
That is why it's best to talk to your doctor before he/she chooses a pain medication. Tell your doctor exactly what pain symptoms you have.
For example, if your receiving pain medication for a constant chronic pain your doctor might choose Tramadol instead of the hydrocodone. Some doctors don't feel comfortable prescribing hydrocodone/ Vicodin for long term pain relief.
Also by speaking with your doctor and explaining to them what type of pain you're suffering from whether it be stabbing, shooting, or a constant dull ache the doctor might have a different prescription in mind.
Take care

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