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What happens if I stop using Plavix immediately?

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DemoninDC 19 July 2013

If you come off of the Plavix to soon, you could have a heart attack, or a blood clot form at your implanted stent or the worst case is you die.

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kaismama 15 July 2013

What would happen is that whatever the reason the dr ordered it may still be a problem without the med.

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Marvell 15 July 2013

Please let your doctor know before stopping Plavix.

It is fine to stop taking Plavix suddenly ... you don't need to taper down the dose.

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Klinebarb 17 June 2023

I had withdrawal from stopping Plavix cold turkey (doctors orders) after only taking i for 21 days. Just like they told us at first that antidepressants could be stopped anytime, this needs to be checked into. The day after I stopped the Plavix I experienced flu-like symptoms; extreme fatigue and sleepiness. Couldn’t have been anything else as this was the only drug I stopped. free discount card

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