I am a 42 y/o Diabetic. I was diagnosed 4 1/2 years ago however I believe I had Diabetes for much longer. As a teenager (16) I started having seizures in my sleep. Thinking back I believe that those seizures were from low blood sugar. I remember having the symptoms of low blood sugar all throughout my teen years. I took Dilantin off and on from age 16 - 40 when I took myself off the medication. Since getting my blood sugar under control - I have stopped having seizures all together. All of the sudden 3 months ago I began having extremely painful Neuropathy along with numbness from feet to abdomen. I started taking Gabapentin 600mg 3 Xs a day. That didn't help the pain so they upped the dose to 800mg 3Xs a day and added Naproxen 500mg 2 Xs a day. Next I started Lyrica 100mg 3Xs a day. The pain got so bad I was hospitalized for 12 days. While in the hospital a Dr. added Cymbalta 30mg in the morning. After the hospitalization I feel the pain is just as strong as the day I went to the E.R. I just lost my job because I was out for 3 weeks. I am feeling lonely and depressed and at the same time thankful to find this site. I would appreciate any feedback or advice, thank you.