This is my 4th day on buspirone. First three I took 10mg twice a day - 10 am and 10 pm. Have had chest pain and nervous energy side effects but last night the insomnia struck. 1 hour sleep and it scared the shit out of me. I have always slept pretty well even with GAD for 10 years. Also on citalopram 20mg.

This morning I decided to drop my dose to 5mg twice a day to see if it helps with the side effects but not sure I can cope with another night of no sleep. Got a drs appointment later today but not with usual GP.

Anyone give any advice? Reassurance? I feel lost and scared. I feel like the drug has eased my anxiety - brain feels calmer, just not my body and the lack of sleep is a problem. Worried about work as I cannot contemplate it at the moment and I feel guilty and pretty shit.

Sorry for going on!!