Hello, I have been on buspirone 5mg tablets at 3 times a day since the end of August,it is not mid October. About a week after taking it I went to the ER for chest pain. After EKG, blood tests, and chest X-ray nothing was found. Went for a follow up with my doctor and was told “it’s panic attacks”. I was put on 10mg of Celexa and it helps right along with the buspirone for my anxiety and panic attacks. The issue is, I still have the chest pain. Sometimes it’s mild and other days it’s awful, the pain does not radiate anywhere. I’ve tried antacids and it doesn’t help so I don’t think it’s heartburn either. It is what feels like a brick sitting between my breasts or like something like food is just stuck there constantly. None of my doctors seem concerned and just say anxiety. My therapist mentioned it maybe it’s from the buspirone? Has anyone else ever had chest pain from the buspirone? I’m losing my mind here and I know it’s not my anxiety.