I started out taking 150mg XL once every day in the morning for a week. On the 7th day, my dosage was upped to 300mg XL, or 2 150mg XL tablets at the same time in the morning. It has definitely helped with my anxiety and the other negative symptoms that it was prescribed to help with, but I have been experiencing strange sensations: throughout the day, it's like a wave that hits me and makes me feel disconnected from my body, and slightly dizzy. Things will suddenly look brighter or darker, as though the sun just came out from behind a cloud or vice versa. I also get sudden abdominal pains that last for about a minute or so and headaches that make my head feel heavy and swollen, like it's going to burst. The headaches also only last for about a minute or two. My question is how long will this last? Will these strange and sometimes uncomfortable side effects go away? And, if the side effects do subside, will the positive effects of the medication remain?