I have been with my husband for over years, married for one year. Together we have two small children and one on the way but as of lately I cannot deal with the stress anymore. I keep thinking that the addiction will get better and one day he will change ans become a better person. He does things like spend all his money on his addiction, spend more time with his friends gettting high than with his own family. I pay all the bills in the house and I am the main caregiver for the children even though we are together. Just today he got over 2700 dollars and has been gone all day while me and the kids have been here waiting on him to come back and get us since 9 this morning. He steals from me, lies to me and has become so very selfish. All he can think about is getting high and how to get over on people to get high. I just dont know what to do anymore and I dont have the strength to keep crying everday.