... JUST found out in pregnant, I was completely clean off everything in the month (I'm guessing) I got pregnant (still waiting to for sonogram), but before I knew I was expecting, there was 3-4 weeks I was consistently taking 5-12 a day, along with smoking 1/2 a pack of cigarettes... I'm scared because I can't get in to see a doctor for 2 more weeks, and I don't mean to sound superficial but this is our first baby and if there's something seriously wrong, were still early enough on to have options... we want this baby so bad, but I'm terrified I've done too much damage. I've tapered waaaay down since finding out, but I know withdrawals can cause miscarriage, and like I said, I'm scared that I've caused harm, but I already love this baby. Please help ease my mind, or be honest with me, I've been up till 5am for the last 3 nights googling/researching side effects, birth defects, miscarriage, etc. any input is much appreciated!