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Has anyone had the generic Adderall by Zydus/Nesher? 20mg?

Yesterday I picked up my prescription and realized it's by a manufacturer I have never heard of, Zydus/Nesher Pharmaceutical. I have... read more

Is the pink 30mg generic adderall cor 136 extended release?

I've recently been prescribed to adderall. I've been receiving the Adderall 30mg XR capsules, (which work great for my... read more

Adderall XR - Does Sandoz amphetamine come in extended release or just immediate release?

Right now the only generic adderall that works for me is Sandoz. I'm currently on IR 20mg twice a day but I need to find... read more

Who has taken the generic Adderall 30mg by Sun Pharmaceuticals? Was it good or bad?

This is the second generic I have tried in 2 months so I am a little weary because the last one was awful!

Has anyone taken Mallinckrodt generic Adderall IR?

I’ve been going to Wegmans pharmacy for awhile now and they’ve been filling my scripts with a light blue round pill with a U27... read more

FDA - Why does generic Adderall from Teva help my ADHD but the same generic from Zydus have no...

... effect other than upset stomach and anxiety. There is no way they can be the same. My Psychiatrist has told he can specify Teva only but I unable... read more

Hello folks. I just picked up my month's supply of Adderall (20 mg twice daily) at CVS no less. I?

... looked at the tablets when I got home and thought they were from SANDOZ which I usually get, took a tablet and headed out the door. For... read more

What's a cheaper alternative to adderall (and generic adderall) for ADHD?

As everyone knows, the price spiked about 300% within the past few months. Also, after reading other posts regarding side effects of generic... read more

Can a doctor write 3 different Adderall scripts In a months time?

My new doctor just started me back on 30mg Adderall twice daily. Bad effects and about 10 days later he then prescribed me 30mg XR twice... read more

Recently my Dr. Put me on adderal for adhd. Not realizing that because it's a Dr. Prescribed drug,?

... that's highly abused, the pharmacy rarely allows for patients too get refills out too soon. I use the pharmacy Walgreens and... read more

Has anyone else received a new 20mg generic Adderall from Mallinckrodt lately?

I got mine filled on the 18th of this month from Walmart. It's horrible! I am not convinced that it is even close to being a replacement for the... read more

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