... looked at the tablets when I got home and thought they were from SANDOZ which I usually get, took a tablet and headed out the door. For some reason I didn't feel the med was working quite the same and when I got home I discovered the brand name was AUROBINDO. I opened the bottle and took a tablet, and for that reason returning the prescription is not an option; I'm stuck with it. I'm wondering if anyone in our group has been given this brand and, if so, what was their experience. I MAY be simply imagining that since the tablet isn't SANDOZ then it's not up to snuff. Only I'm a little suspicious. I did a little research on AUROBINDO and read some really bad press. What can I say, guys? The med is mine to have and to hold for the next 30 days. I don't want to draw negative energy into this docu-drama and thereby have my lousy expectations become a reality; maybe the brand is OK. So any feedback will be welcomed.
One thing I DO want to mention is this: If you don't want to be surprised when you pick up your meds, be sure your lines of communication between your pharmacy of choice and you are open and clear. I called my doctor and learned (and learned sadly too late) that once you walk out of the pharmacy with the a medication and find it's not what you expected, at least in New York State it's then too late to return it. Certainly once you get home with the med and take one, you're stuck with it. BTW... someone had asked a question about a powdery substance that is methamphetamine and could be legally purchased and my reply offended that person. For that I am so very sorry; that wasn't my intent, and I do apologize.