I have been trying to get a simple answer to my question: Upon first administration of med, will I experience any mood changes, or a slight happiness? And for the record, I hate euphoria. I am speaking of depression combined with physical disability.
Can someone call me so I could describe my issues? My question? Most anti-psychotics take weeks, before client (patient) feels or notices improvement. Is this medicine any different?
I am asking because, I began to notice the depression felt "lifted away". Happier. Is this normal (the time, not my feelings), for your medication? I am a positive person, do not drink, or use other party favors, hate euphoria, and just wanted to feel normal again.
And I love me way too much to be suicidal.
In my humble opinion, you all have invented a very usable medication for depression.
I will, and am, keeping close eye on HBP, diabetes, sugar levels, neurological changes, & anything else out of sync.
I will say this: people need to be educated and diligent (including caregivers), about possible adverse affects, closely monitoring all aspects.
I just wanted to know if this medicine works quickly or does it take weeks & weeks?