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Has Repatha caused weight gain or loss as a side effect?

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Glock9 9 Aug 2016

I have been on the Repatha for 7 months and I've gained 35 pounds with no other change in diet. Both cardiologists said this is NOT a side effect but I have no other correlation to the weight gain other than starting this medication. It has lowed my overall cholesterol from 204 to 97.

Jon Faiella 29 Sep 2016

Right on Lisa, me too 15 pounds in 6 months I eat less and continue to work out and continue to gain. I see my cardiologist ne week lets hear what he has to say.

cmccready 16 Feb 2017

I have been on an inhibitor for almost 1.5 years and it has not caused weight gain.

tiktak 18 Feb 2017

I've been on Repatha for 4 month without any change in weight

gpng 20 Feb 2017

I have been on Repatha for 5 months I've gained 15 lbs my face looks so different and my hair has thinned. I've been told weight gain is not a side effect yet I'm gaining when I haven't changed my way of eating. I'm so upset asking myself is it worth it.

Ladygunfighter 4 Jun 2017

I have been on repatha for 13 months. I have gained 15 pounds that will not come off! My hair is really thin. And I have progressively been getting severe Organ swelling and stomach cramps, low grade fever, severe muscle myalgia and joint pain and weakness, my blood pressure has raised 10 points. I also constantly extreamley fatigued. Constant bouts with confusion and loss of focus. My hereditary type cholesterol has been lowered to 116, miraculously, although my symptoms are so severe I'm thinking of stopping the medication altogether.

Ladygunfighter 22 Aug 2017

I had to stop using the repatha when I learned 48 hours after injection, stomach cramping turned into internal bleeding and the pain was so severe I needed to go to the emergency room, 6 times! but I was too sick to drive myself. A cup of soup a day was all I could manage to consume for fear of the severe bloating and pain followed from my pancreas as well as my stomach and digestive system. A month after stopping repatha, "I literally was bleeding into anemia"I was extremely weak and very very cold. In July!

Pikedagger1868 19 Feb 2018

I have gained 15lbs since I was put on Repatha. Maybe they should let the Drug company know this could be a side effect.

Ralph15 11 Mar 2018

I too have been taking Repatha for over a year and have gained 20+ lbs. I started to diet 3 months ago and all it has done is stop the weight gain but did not lose a pound. I told my cardiologist and she said it wasn't related. Shouldn't she have at least reported it to the drug company as a possibility? By reading some of the other comments it appears their complaints were not reported either.

elainejordan48 10 Jul 2018

Personally I think a combination of medications equals weight gain..but finding the one that causes weight gain via other side up on your meds & see which one(s) work well together or against each other..usually a new medicine will let u no one way or the other...

kszelest 7 Jun 2018

I started using Repatha about 2 years ago and it has reduced cholesterol but I have gained 15 pounds and have been exercising more. My hair as thinned and my skin has lost muscle tone. Sometimes I have back pain.

Beauty12 11 Jul 2018

I want
a answer

Cjantx 2 Nov 2018

I have gained 20 lbs in 6 months after starting Repatha... also my hair is thinning... always have had thick hair & very noticeable to me... appt. with cardiologist in Jan. And will tske to him about these issues!

dannysan 24 Nov 2018

I gained back 15 lbs that I lost, plus another 10 when starting Repatha. My hair is thinning, too. The nurse at my primary doc is on it and she said she gained 10 lbs almost immediately after starting it. My blood sugar has risen as well. free discount card

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