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Has Repatha caused weight gain or loss as a side effect?

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Glock9 9 Aug 2016

I have been on the Repatha for 7 months and I've gained 35 pounds with no other change in diet. Both cardiologists said this is NOT a side effect but I have no other correlation to the weight gain other than starting this medication. It has lowed my overall cholesterol from 204 to 97.

Jon Faiella 29 Sep 2016

Right on Lisa, me too 15 pounds in 6 months I eat less and continue to work out and continue to gain. I see my cardiologist ne week lets hear what he has to say.

cmccready 16 Feb 2017

I have been on an inhibitor for almost 1.5 years and it has not caused weight gain.

tiktak 18 Feb 2017

I've been on Repatha for 4 month without any change in weight

gpng 20 Feb 2017

I have been on Repatha for 5 months I've gained 15 lbs my face looks so different and my hair has thinned. I've been told weight gain is not a side effect yet I'm gaining when I haven't changed my way of eating. I'm so upset asking myself is it worth it. free discount card

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