My psych prescribed Latuda yesterday, to help me with my moods. I don't have an official diagnosis like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder; in fact my Dr and I differ greatly when it comes to what we think is wrong with me. My father, whom I was very close to, passed away suddenly last November. Up until that point, I was great. In a wonderful relationship, had lost 90 lbs after leaving my terribly abusive ex husband 2 years prior, loved my job, had a social life. Then my father died of a massive heart attack November 2011 and it's like the grief is winning. My Dr thinks I am bi-polar; I think I have situational depression and anxiety. I have been taking .5mgs Xanax 4 times daily, and 300mgs Neurontin just before bedtime. These help tremendously with my anxiety and sleep, as long as I keep taking them. I have issues with my mood (mainly I am just sad or irritable) and confidence, and that's why the Dr wanted me to try Latuda. I am supposed to take 20mgs a day 2 hours after eating but 2 hours before I go to bed, so right in the middle. I am truthfully terrified to take this medication because of the side effects, and I am wondering if any of you Latuda users out there might be able to help. Should I give it a shot? I read all the users' comments and am just terrified my anxiety and panic attacks are going to skyrocket, and my sleep has been much better with the Neurontin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :-) ~Jen