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Is the promethazine 25mg a narcotic?

4 Answers

Official Answer by 16 Sep 2012

No - promethazine belongs to a class of drugs called Phenothiazines.

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G4life 18 Feb 2016


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chocolatebaby 23 May 2015

I'm not sure

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kaismama 16 Sep 2012

You have got to be kidding me. Why would you even think to ask such a question? Its used for nausea or coughs.

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Inactive 16 Sep 2012

It might be because of pro"meth"azine.

kaismama 16 Sep 2012

I worry that questions like this come from kids looking for something to get high on.

Inactive 16 Sep 2012

Good point and very true.

monica29 29 Aug 2013

I'm a post-op gastric bypass patient who is very sick. I heard that this medication is wonderful for nausea and vomiting. I'm also not sleeping... because I'm constantly nauseated. I also heard that it will help me sleep. And the reason I ask if it was a narcotic or not is not because I'm a drug addict... in fact... its just the opposite... I don't want to take narcotics... that's why I ask

jello1234 29 Aug 2013

because I found a bottle of it in my friends teenagers room and the prescription did not belong to of the family, I know a lot of kids abuse narcotics.

jello1234 29 Aug 2013

monica some people are so closed minded to a simple question. good for you for staying clean!

MoonlitNight 18 Nov 2013

Actually promethazine helps with a series of things. Pain, Migranes, Anxiety, Nausea, Sleep, Vomiting.. It's pretty much a med that helps with a bunch of things. There are many doctors who wont even prescribe it. I fought with three doctors after it was prescribed for my migranes which are chronic and when they hit, im nauseated, motion sick, anxious, head throbbing, can't sleep. And if you look up on the net what it all covers, it's pretty much a med that helps with many variations of things not just nausea or coughs.

monica29 21 Nov 2013

Thank you Moonlight! This is my first time ever asking a question on any site. I was taken aback by the response from kaismama. Then you came and actually answered my question. I'm am sick beyond words and when someone makes a reference as to imply that I am a person looking to get high, it really discourages me. Thank you so much for your good answer.

kelsoswell 6 Feb 2015

I just Googled this question because I'm a caregiver at a senior care home and we have to store narcotics differently than other meds. I wanted to see if it was a narcotic or not. I think you would be surprised how many ask this question who are not just kids trying to get high. :)

michaelyn 6 March 2015

Because I am pregnant and have a severe cough and I would rather be safe than sorry!

Oldtimer32 22 Oct 2015

People can abuse this medication. And many people will take it with some sort of pain medication to get a high feeling out of it. And not sure about the narcotic part but just know when mixed with narcotics it amplifies the effects. Him sure if you took enough of promethizine you would experience some sort of high. So I would keep this hidden not just up in the medicine cabinet.

G4life 18 Feb 2016

You can still get high on it it doesn't have to be a narcotic to get people high

wynter35 11 Jan 2017

I actually just googled it not because I want to get high or because I didn't know what it treats. I googled it because I had paramedics at my house last night because I fell and busted my knee cap into 4pieces, and I was extremely nauseated while they were trying to get me splinted and onto the stretcher. I asked the first responder if I could take one of my Phentermine pills so I wouldn't throw up while in route to the hospital. She told me no, I could have some of their Zofran instead because it's not a narcotic. Well I was shocked because I've never heard that Phentermine was a narcotic, so why did she make that comment? So sometimes ppl have legit reasons why we ask questions. No need to judge others when we don't even know what their circumstances are. And guess what? No one on this site has a real medical official answer that I've seen. All opinions based on their personal knowledge.


However, I found out on another site that even though Phentermine is not a narcotic, it can cause seizures and other medical problems when mixed with certain pain medications. So basically since the paramedics were not sure if I'd be having surgery, they didn't want to risk giving me Phenergan. It was a good call on their part because sure enough I had to be put to sleep to put my leg back in a straight position so I could be operated on the following day. Good luck to the rest of u looking for genuine answers without cynical ppl passing judgement.

wynter35 11 Jan 2017

I apologize that my keyboard changed Phenergan into Phentermine. I was referring to Phenergan. free discount card

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