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Does Promethazine have Codeine in it and if so why isn't it designated as a narcotic also?

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Antoine7518 5 June 2018

Does orange promethazine has codeine in it

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Siajahay 3 Jan 2018

I was told by my doctor that it is referred to as a narcotic just because it can make you sleepy. Like they are not allowed to call a refill into the Pharmacy we actually have to go and pick it up because of this fact.

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Junky774 25 Oct 2016

Please inform me if promethazine green has codeine in it?

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Eddyala1 26 Dec 2014

Promethazine is not a narcotic and has no codeine in it. Sometimes Doctors tell patients that the drug they are giving them is a narcotic,thinking that they will feel better but they don't. I wish Doctors would stop telling fairy tells and show little guts because the majority of Doctors today are wimps and scared s#%&less. I wish they would grow some balls already and stop being scared to write !

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kaismama 20 Nov 2014

Its not a narcotic, it has no codeine. There is a cough syrup with both but that is a narcotic. Promethazine is an antihistamine.

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