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Promethazine with Codeine - whats the actual shelf life of this med after discard date?

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kaismama 7 Jun 2013

The reason there is a discard date is because you are supposed to discard it. After that date, there is no guarantee its as good as it should be. Also, with liquids there is always the chance of the fluid evaporating, thus making a more concentrated solution of medication, so you are getting more then you should.

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DzooBaby 8 Jun 2013

Bacterial colonization is an issue with liquids too.

DzooBaby 8 Jun 2013

A general rule of thumb is one year after the fill date. After that it can lose potency.

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MrMiagisPredecessor 22 Mar 2014

It has a life of no other, it lasts for decades safe to say.

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gregory carmichael 22 Mar 2014

I have to agree with the doctor above this is an extraordinary medication,that is effective for very long time. Ive been told by patients that this the most effective cough suppressant medication on the market. It last very long time to answer your question.

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babyboo1 8 Feb 2018

How long does promethazine with codeine last before it goes bad

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