I have been taking Hyland's Restful Legs, sometimes 3 in one night but mostly just one, for a few years. The ingredients sound a little scary to me, but without it the pain is bad. I used to be able to afford medical care, and had a tumor removed from my right hip. The nerve there hurts constantly. Later I developed epilepsy and was put on Tegretol for that. It was miraculous how it stopped the leg pain! Now its been years since I have been able to afford to see a doctor, no more Tegretol, and I have been taking the Hyland's Restful Legs. It works pretty well but I was just wondering about the effects of long-term use. I haven't found anything else OTC that really works. If it isn't sold OTC I can't get it. I know that Tegretol is only 4$ at Walmart, but I can't afford the hundreds to pay a doctor to write the 4$ script. So please only recommend OTC alternatives.