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Can hydroxyzine. be used long term for anxiety? With no long term side effects?

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WildcatVet 16 Aug 2018

" Potential disadvantages of hydroxyzine are rampant and should always be considered prior to its usage.

Brain fog: Anytime you’re taking an antihistaminergic drug, you may experience brain fog characterized by feeling spaced out and have difficulty performing cognitively-demanding tasks. Hydroxyzine functions primarily by acting as an inverse agonist of your H1 receptors, thereby preventing stimulation of histamine. This may lead to clouded-thinking, drowsiness, depersonalization, and as if your brain is stuck in some sort of a half-baked twilight zone.


Cognitive impairment: Although cognitive deficits associated with hydroxyzine may be less significant than those associated with benzodiazepines, hydroxyzine users may struggle with learning and memory tasks. Studies that initially linked just benzos to memory impairment have now discovered that antihistamines can also interfere with memory processes (encoding and retrieval). A subset of individuals may be unable to use hydroxyzine because their school or occupational work is cognitively-demanding.

Impaired cognitive function as a result of hydroxyzine may lead to decreased motivation and productivity, compromised problem solving, and poorer decision making – any of which could get a person fired from his/her job. Since many drugs that enhance histamine function (e.g. modafinil) improve cognitive performance, hydroxyzine could be thought to do the opposite.

Fatigue: A detrimental, yet common side effect of hydroxyzine is excessive fatigue and/or drowsiness. Some individuals may experience anxiety relief, but are also unable to function in society because they feel extremely tired with low energy. This effect is chiefly a result of hydroxyzine’s inverse agonism of the H1 receptor.

Daytime fatigue and drowsiness should be considered highly problematic for those operating heavy machinery and/or driving a motor vehicle. Additionally, the overwhelming fatigue may impair an individual’s ability to exercise, engage in social interactions, or simply get out of bed. Although dosages can be lowered to minimize fatigue, anxiolytic relief may be insignificant at lower doses."

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Searchingwebnow 16 Aug 2018

Probably not. I also have noticed problems with being extremely foggy. Ive been taking it 4 or five times a week for about a year. Sometimes when I'm listening to people I can't understand what they say for a few seconds after the fact or not at all. My emotions are getting so murky and I'm feeling down all the time. I wake up foggy like why is it so hard to feel aware. I can't articulate myself as well as I used to. I was on Clonazepam for about a year or so and switched to this because of personal choice. I was trying to slow down in it and when I stopped I was soooo out of it for months at a time and I get a similar effect when I go 3 days without having this medication, so it's almost exactly the same. I can tell, ,(feel) that this is having a toll on me. I am smart I just suffer from anxiety so it's s tough battle.but
maybe I will start weening off I want to feel alert and energetic again! be careful.

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Tammy0211 23 May 2018

I have been on this drug for about 3-4 years now and I myself forgets from day today and even stuff that I could remember way back when like it was yesterday and it has also effected my eye sight so yes this drug has long term side effects and for the person that said he was on 200 mg at night and 100 mg in the morning impossible becuase the maximum dosage is 100-125 mg a day so this drug is powerful so he can't be on that much and not be dead not unless he is a robot

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Chelle333 12 Sep 2018

Please don't speak on a topic you have no idea about. I have a bottle of 50mgs right now that clearly states "Take 1 to 2 capsules 3 to 4 times a day." Can I, will or do I take that much, no. But obviously it can be done, and safely as well according to both doc and rx.. Every person is different, in case you were unaware of that. But you have a lot of nerve to literally sit there and call someone a liar. That's about as logical as myself claiming to be a doctor. I am way too dumb to be a doctor, maybe you're just to dumb to comment. Peace

CherylNeal 25 Nov 2016

I am of the same opinion as amysun. There are many side effects related to the long time use of antihistamines. Hydroxyzine is good for seasonal allergies, but it can definitely mess with your mind if you take it on a regular basis, especially in high doses. It wasn't designed to treat anxiety, the side effects include a mild sedative effect and it isn't a controlled substance like Xanax or Valium, therefore people think it's harmless and doctors aren't "watched" closely by the DEA for prescribing it. The medications like Xanax are made to relieve stress and anxiety. In my personal experience I don't have any problems with the drugs that are made to relieve stress and anxiety. Hydroxyzine is not much different than taking Benadryl in high doses, and on a regular basis. You can take Xanax when you actually have to and not become any more dependent on it than Hydroxyzine or Benadryl. Good luck with your anxiety issues and the doctors that "trick" you into taking something that just covers their own butts.

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amysun 25 Nov 2016

People answer these questions without really having a clue about the facts. I've been on hydroxyzine since I was 8 yrs old, 25 mg/day. I'm now 41. It has stolen my life. Check the recent harvard medical review study about anticholinergic drugs (of which hydroxyzine is class 3 of 0-3 ,meaning definite strong anticholinergic activity). Drugs with this action, antihistimines, are very strongly linked to dementia, alzheimers and hugely increased mortality. It has basically destroyed my memory. I don't remember my childhood. I don't remember what I ate yesterday. I don't remember conversations, movies, books, nothing. My head is a constant fog. Thing is, I used to be really smart. Really smart. Now I basially can't do anything. Can't do basic jobs. Can't keep track of anything. Can't remember to pay bills, or even what bills there are to pay. And I'm terrified of what's to come. Of course they said there were no side effects. That's what they say.

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Raymondanon 23 April 2017

I've been on this med too prescribed by.the VA for my anxiety disorder and I myself have been having severe forgetfulness to the point it scares me too. Wow!. Hmm.

Tina57 18 May 2017

I know this is old but why did you take it fir so many years... (no judgment here) Just wondering?
Could you NOT get off of it or was it a personal choice?

Ivanisgreat 10 Jan 2018

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I hope you don't mind me asking, but why were you taking it to begin with?

Donlew52 20 April 2018

One question... why are you still taking it?

chuck1957 15 Sep 2015

Not myself
Yes: Hydroxyzine is used for many things and very effective medication. One of the few drugs from years back that has not had long term effects that I have read or seen and much safer being non-narcotic medications. Many doctors use this as a go-to medication for anxiety. And it has proved itself to be very good medication for those it works for and one of the older ones on the market. No worries with this one.. have a great day. Chuck1957 PS but as with any medication must be taken as directed be aware of drowsiness,sedation so see how it works when you have time to take it and don't have to drive etc until you know how it works on you and remember you can't judge it by your first dose like many meds it can hit you harder as your body gets used to it. Enjoy your day.Chuck.

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OutlawRN 15 Sep 2015

I have been on it for 5 plus years at 200mg at bedtime and 100mg for anxiety and I have not had any problems.

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