Good evening, all - I am being treated by the Veteran's Administration for a back injury I received in the line of military duty many years ago. For the last few months, I have been on 300 mg morphine sulfate/day. A few days ago, they switched me to Oxycontin because the morphine was not dealing with the pain enough and the side effects (severe contipation, nausea, etc,) were getting too much to bear. I am now on 80 mg Oxycontin. They told me that Oxycontin was at least twice as strong as morphine, but the last several days, the Oxycontin is not nearly as effective... it doesn't feel like I am taking anything, and now I am actually experiencing withdrawal symptoms. If the oxycontin is so much more powerful, why is this happening? I can ask them to raise the dose, but at this point, I think they wouldn't believe me that the Oxycontin is having no apparent effect at all?! Thanks in advance for your time and assistance in
this matter.