I am taking 120MG of Oxycodone per day (30MG pills 4 times per day). I am also taking 260MG of Morphine Extended Release aka MS Contin per day (100MG pill twice a day, a 60MG pill once a day). I take my pain meds almost exactly as described but sometimes on days when pain is worse, I might take a 30MG Oxycodone maybe 30 minutes or an hour earlier than prescribed. But this is rare and I usualy am taking them exactly like my doctor has prescribed them. The meds really help me more than anyone could ever know and they have adverse effects on me. In other words, instead of them making me sleepy and zonking me out, they do the opposite and give me a burst of energy and make me feel like actually doing things rather than just spacing me out and making me feel like not doing anything. I know that when I take my dose, after it starts to get into my bloodstream I get a little boost of a "high" with them but that subsides and I am quickly back to my norm. This is common as with any narcotic medicine or any narcotic substance. My body is adjusted to the high amount of narcotics and therefore poses no threat to me in a sense of overdosing because my body isn't used to the high dosage. Still though as with all narcotic pain meds, I wanted to come on here and post this and ask if the amount of narcotic pain medicines I am currently taking is dangerously high. Personally I do not think I am at that point yet because my body is done adjusted to the dosage I take here. But I also know that I have to be extremely careful and also that I realize I am pretty much at my limit amount. Any increase in my pain meds will not only be a dumb, idiotic thing to do/ ask my doctor to increase them, but doing that would also lead to a very good chance in overdosing on them, not to mention having a bunch of narcotics floating around in my body doing nothing because those receptors are so full, then rest of the narcotics have nowhere to go. This also could lead to an overdose in this manner. But I guess what I would like to ask is this: Is there an actual limit of narcotic pain medicine that is the maximum amount that anyone can take or does it depend on factors such as weight and height and things? And if there is a national maximum amount for everyone, what is that amount? And lastly, with the amount of pain meds that I am currently taking as listed here, and even though the adverse effect they have on me and also with me being use to the heavy dosage, am I at a dangerous level of narcotic pain medicines that I am taking? Please reply and also reply and tell me if you know other people out there or if you are even a person that is taking an amount of narcotics pain meds that are more than what I am taking now? I will wait for your reply email and Thank You,

Brian Wright