I had a really bad viral infection about a week ago and it prevented me from sleeping due to bad sinus pain... I then found once my symptoms were gone that I was still struggling to sleep... I literally could not fall asleep and the more and more I thought about it..the more anxious and panicky I got. This went on for a whole week, and the anxiety started to creep into my day and I felt so worried that I was feeling sick,not eating and just cried all day- I was becoming depressed because of the lack of sleep. I have a 2year old to look after and that was why sleep was a major pressure for me.

I went to the doctors about it, and although he said he didn't think I was actually depressed, he said I'm verging on it and therefore prescribed me Mirtazapine 30mg to treat my anxiety & insomnia together. I was really scared of taking them as I had read some bad things and I honestly never thought I would be on anti-depressants. I took my first tablet last night and am pleased to say I did fall asleep not too long after but I'm just worried that all I really needed was something to kickstart my sleeping again and it frightens me that you should usually carry on for about 6months if the tablets are working. I've read it's normal to feel sleepy and tired the morning after taking Mirtazpine, and I do feel really sleepy still despite only taking the pill at 8pm last night and it's now 10.30am..is this a side effect that will always be there or is it just because I've only just started taking?