I've had insomnia for a long time off and on, mostly on. I have been on a regimen of Restoril for some time with varying results. Since starting Lyrica I am finding it difficult to fall asleep. I've tried it alone, and I've tried it with the Restoril. I also take Lodine in the evening. Sometimes I'll add Flexeril, or Ativan .5 to 1.0mg... just trying to zonk myself to perhaps sleep. But after giving myself 90 minutes and I'm still awake with a racing mind, I get up. And in doing so, start binge eating as well. Then when I do go to bed, I don't get up a decent/normal hour and my whole day is thrown off. I've never slept til 11am. I just want to go to bed, sleep, and wake up rested. Wondering if my low dose of 150mg Lyrica is having the affect of disrupting my sleep. They said it could cause drowsiness which is why I take it at night about an hour before bed if I can remember. I don't feel drowsy, and I'm certainly not sleeping. This routine is not healthy or productive, and the binge eating on top of it and the knowledge that weight gain is probable with Lyrica scares me.