I'm a male, 18, and going into my last year of high school. Since I was very young I have always been an incredibly light eater, I was basically fed off of Pediasure until I was around 6. I'm 6 feet and weigh only 120 pounds, putting myself at the very low percentile for my age and height group. I believe the reason I have such a low appetite is because of my anxiety, during the school year I can expect my weight to drop to as little as 113. I've tried Ciplactin and other appetite stimulants and have never been able to get hungry off of them. The only thing that really works I find is cannabis, but I'd rather not have to smoke to eat food.

Anyway, that was the background information. I spoke to my doctor about my weight and my anxiety and after several blood tests (thyroid, renal, and some other one- which all came out normal) he prescribed me with a small starter dose of Citalopram (10mg) and plans to increase it if it works out well. The day I took it it was instantly like a laxative and I have already dropped seven pounds because of the nausea it has given me. Not only that but my anxiety has actually increased, I can barely stomach food. From what I understand Citalopram should actually increase my appetite, because I would have less anxiety. This hasn't happened yet. Has this situation happened with anyone else? Extreme weight loss with beginning Citalopram? Will my appetite return once I've reached the therapeutic amount? I'm desperate to gain weight and I would appreciate ANY input from anyone who has found a solution for their appetite/anxiety problems. Thank you.