I'm taking 20mg of Celexa cut down from 40 about a year ago, and 5mg of Klonopin. Just once a day usually in the morning. Lately have been really sleepy. I have a tech job where I travel a decent amount so some days I just to go a local park and nap for an hour or so in my car at random times. I feel a little better when I wake up, but I work 8 to 4 and if I take a nap around 1, sometimes I don't wake up till 2:30 or so, so I just head on home and if anyone asks I say I had to meet with a sales rep.

Should I just lower my dose or maybe try Cymbalta as I've heard others say on here? Anyone else been in a similar situation? Just want to have more energy. I drink monster energy drinks and those help to balance it out somewhat but those fade and aren't very good for you anyway.