Hi guys. Need help. Have successfully tapered off Seroquel completely after taking it for 4 years. Went from 150mg XR, 100mg XR, 50mg XR, 50mg, 25mg, zero. Each reduction was in place for 2 weeks. No side effects other than extreme itching which began a few days after stopping last dose. I thought it had something to do with Seroquel being an antihistamine, however my GP (who told me he has treated other patients with the itching aftet stopping Seroquel) said it's actually hypersensitive nerves affected by Seroquel. The itching is bearable when I'm still and drinking water helps to alleviate it immediately. 2 to 3 litres per day helps. When I do any activity like walking or start to get sweaty, the itching takes over my whole body and I want to rip my clothes off and scratch until I bleed. Doctor said it has something to do with the sweat glands and nerves so have to now take antihistamines 1 per day to combat the itching. GP says this is short term only for 3 to 4 weeks and to give the nerves time to balance out again. He said the itching can last for up to a couple of months. Waiting to see if after 3 or 4 weeks the itching stops. If not I need to go back and he will investigate further and possibly with alternative treatment. Has anyone else experienced this itching and hiw long did it last until it went away completely? I gained a lot of weight while taking Seroquel and can't even walk let alone exercise properly to lose the weight because of the itching. Thank you in advance.