I have been taking 200 mg for 6 weeks. Starting last week, I began to have waves of panic. Starting in the middle of the night. I saw my primary care and asked if Plaquenil could be to blame. I do have anxiety disorder but have not had a panic attack in two years and certainly not waves of panic. I have since lost my appetite and can only eat a little. She said right away that she does not think it is the Plaquenil and then suggested I see a psychiatrist. This didn't make me happy because I really feel that looking for more medication from someone else for sudden symptoms is not a wise choice. She gave me Xanax to stop the panic. It helped me sleep but makes me way too tired during the day -- so it is like I am anxious, panicky, and exhausted now. I called my Rheumatologist who I have only seen twice to ask if the Plaquenil might be behind my sudden anxiety. I waited two days for a call back ( a long time when you are panicky). Finally, I called the office and got someone to call me back. A nurse said that my rheumatologist has never heard of Plaquenil causing anxiety attacks. I commented that it is listed as a side effect and that they came out of the blue. She said he also said I should see my primary care. I want to believe in my doctor but I don't feel like either one of them bothered to really look into my concern. I think I will just stop the Plaquenil and see if I get any relief and I will let him know what I have decided. I am wondering how long it might take for the drug to leave my system so I can see if this is the problem. By the way, I have fatigue and joint pain but no certain diagnosis.