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Can I have high blood pressure from Plaquenil?

3 Answers

Curiositea 1 Sep 2017

I've been on this for about a month & just went for job physical and my blood pressure was high - over 140. I have NEVER had high blood pressure it's usually normal or on the low side. ???

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jamacianclick 24 Aug 2016

You can take hydroxychloroquine if your blood pressure too high but you don't want too much to be in your bloodstream cause he can destroy the liver so ask your doctor on your visit

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Bailey666 8 April 2015

What are your symptoms did you get your blood pressure taken and it's high you can look up your prescription on type in your medication and search everything about the medication comes up I did look real fast nothing stating increased blood pressure it did say blurred vision and etc that's why am asking how do you know your blood pressure is high and always check with your doctor who prescribed this medication to you

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Need sugessions 8 April 2015

I went to dr about severe insomnia, she said it was high. Now she is having a hard time getting it down. I too, looked up the medicine butcouldnt find any connection tohigh blood pressure. Thanks and I cant seem to find a good dr that will call me back

jamacianclick 24 Aug 2016

Yes my blood pressure is high and the hydroxychloroquine is for malaria I'm leaving out of the country

But I was asking can you take Hydrochloric win with your blood pressure medicine or along with your blood pressure medicine free discount card

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