I started taking 100 milligrams 3x day for anxiety 2 weeks ago. Then, just a couple days ago he bumped it up to 200 milligrams 3x day. I was on 200 milligrams for one day and then the very next day he bumped it up to 300 milligrams 3x day. So I have been on 300 3x day for 2 days now. When will it start to work? I know I have only been on 300 milligrams for just a couple days, I am just curious as to when this medication will start to work like it has for so many others. My panic attacks and major anxiety over school, work, etc. are awful! I'm afraid to start college in 2 weeks as I can see myself shaking, trembling, fast heart rate, and having panic attacks. So if anyone can give me advice about this drug and when it will possibly start to work and anything else that might be helpful to know that would be great.