I was prescribed buspirone for chronic anxiety and panic Attacks . I was taking clonazepam and it Works well but most doctors don’t want people on it long term . So buspirone was prescribed. At first I was dizzy abs felt foggy and disconnected. After a few weeks it mostly went away but I can’t seem to tolerate the full 7.5 mg dose twice daily . I’m 6 weeks I to this medication and my Anxiety has been getting worse and I feel depressed and I am feeling as if this drug is not for me . I’ve asked if I should increase dose because I’m only able to take 1/2 of 7.5 mg twice daily . Dr said I should try but I’m scared because I already have strange feelings on this dose . Constant butterflies in my stomach , feeling nervous , headaches ect . My doctor also mentioned trying gabapentin 100 mg 2-3 times daily and stopping Buspirone. Does anyone have experience with gabapentin and anxiety ? Any side effects ? Buspirone worked good at first but now I can’t sleep unless I take clonazepam with it and im Still having panic attacks.