I have generalized anxiety, which has in turned really caused a lot of my depression. I initially tried lexapro, as it's worked for friends of mine, but found that even with tapering onto it slowly and adjusting my timing with the dosing, the onset has me EXTREMELY frightened, anxious- it was a worse hell than I was already in. This symptom seem to worsen as time went on, not get better.

My main question to those who went through this: Should I have toughed it out, or was this a sign the medication was NOT for me?

I am now 5 weeks in to bupropion, and experiencing minimal results. From what I have researched, bupropion can take 2 months and even more to show benefits.

I may be jumping the gun a bit, but I may be someone who needs a combo therapy. Bupropion seems to be good for depression, but being that I deal with somatization and anxiety, my research keeps pointing me back to lexapro as my best option.

I am in a better place emotionally than where I was when I first started lexapro. I am also NOT considering starting now at only 5 weeks in on the bupropion, but rather at the 10 week or so point to really give this one a shot all on it's own.

So in your opinion, is a horrific onset or worsening symptoms something that should be "toughed out"? How long did the benefits of lexapro start to work for you?