Started with Zoloft for 1 week then went to dr to get rf and he switched to lexapro i took for 5 1/2 weeks cried anxious whole time!! then switch to Zoloft was on Zoloft for 3 weeks 25mg 1st week, 50mg 2nd week and 75mg 3rd. I have alot of anxiety and crying!!! Dr switched me to buspar and said to stop Zoloft. That was horrible depressed and panicked on buspar for 2 weeks. Went back to Zoloft started 25mg week then 50mg for week, then 100mg for a week and felt like it was too much, so went down to 75mg now for 4 days. Need reassurance to stick with Zoloft. I've been on it many times in my life. Too many drug switches, since October. It is now end of January and im still struggling a lot! Crying panicky!