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Is it safe to take hydroxyzine syrumor for cough?

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Jermac 2 Dec 2020

I have had a chronic cough for 10 years. They gave me inhalers, pills. I had every kind of test. Had a bronchoscopy , had a scope up my nose. My doctor called and said “some people just cough” Finally a CRNP gave me hydroxyzine at my request because it was in the cough syrup I was taking. It worked and I’m still taking it, for about 6 years now. I still get a slight cough once in a while. I use to cough as much as 8 hours without stopping and then just stop. I had a hard time breathing sometimes. So it did work for me.

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Inactive 23 Dec 2016

The two reasons that hydroxyzine are prescribed are for itching and anxiety. It is a form of an antihistamine, much stronger, but in the same class as benadryl. Hydroxyzine HCL is the generic form of Atarax, which comes in 10mg tablets. Hydroxyzine Palmoate is the generic form of Vistaril which comes in 25mg capsules. My doctor prescribes it to me to help me sleep. I have taken it in the past when I had a very serious skin allergic reaction, and it helped to stop the itching. There is no indication for it to be prescribed for coughing. The only thing I can think of is, if the coughing is keeping you awake, it might help you to sleep better. But a cough medicine would be more effective for a cough. There are so many different ones available.

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Crystalnikkicody 23 Dec 2016

Is hydroxyzine a cough suppressant?

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Marvell 28 Jan 2010

Hydroxyzine isn't really indication for treatment of cough, however it may help sometimes.

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