Throwing up every single time I drink alcohol, even if it's just 3 beers or a whole bottle of liquor. This never used to happen to me, I was able to drink just fine, I usually had a hangover with vomiting a LITTLE more often than my friends, but NEVER like this. I'm on ortho-cept right now but this was also happening while I was on Yasmin. I get violently hungover and ill, throwing up pretty much every 15 minutes for the majority of the day the next day after I have drank. It's the worst thing in the world. I don't usually throw up the night of drinking, but on new years I was throwing up all night and day too. Trying to figure out if the two are related, my mom, who's taken a psycho pharmacology class thinks they are, but my gynecologist looked at me like I was weird when I suggested the correlation. Been researching it a bit and I've seen quite a few articles from people with the same problem... STRONGLY considering ditching the birth control but I'm in a serious relationship and that's going to be risky.
HELP!!! I'm only 21, my drinking hasnt expired yet!