... Tri-cyclen Lo has discontinued their entire line of birth control? I called them this week to see why there is a shortage of OTCL. Shock! Was told they have discontinued the manufacture of all birth control! I asked why didn't they inform the pharmacies because the pharmacies just think it is on back-order. Reply was that the pharmacies can find the info on the FDA.com website. I said why would the pharmacies even think to look on the FDA website when they have no reason to believe the product has been discontinued, because you didn't tell them. (there is practically no info about this on FDA.com) Literally all 10 drugstores that I called this week did not know the Jansen BC pills are discontinued and all just thought it was on back-order. Would be nice if the manufacturer would inform the pharmacies so they could inform their customers that they will have to scramble to find an alternative. Big problem finding an alternative because all generics my daughter has ever tried (in order to save money) have caused severe acne within one week! So bad that she kept switching back to the name brand and costing $60 out of pocket per month. Plus I've seen many other users comment how the generics gave them debilitating anxiety, depression, PMS, acne, crying fits and other side effects. The acne is cystic which creates big deep painful acne which leaves permanent scars so this is no joke. We are seriously worried how we will find an alternative that prevents acne. If there is anyone out there that used to take Ortho tri-cyclen Lo and has found an alternative that works just as good as OTCL, please leave a comment. Lastly, how come I don't see anyone else commenting online about this? I'm sure there are many others affected by this discontinuation. Thanks