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I took antabuse 3 days ago 1 pill and thinking about drinking is it safe?

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Rajive Goel 22 May 2010

It is perhaps not recommended, please read more details on:, or speak to your doc./pharmacist who has prescribed the drug, hope it helps, best of luck.

jackflack 1 Oct 2011

So I saw this post and decided to try an experiment. I last night approximately 23.8 hours ago took 250mg of Antabuse. I had been off it for some time but got back on last night. I drank a little. Sips at first. Then 1 shot then 3 now I am about up to 8 shots. (40 proof, both gin and whiskey). I'm not drunk enough to be incoherent nor am I drunk enough to make spelling errors. I am however not sober. I saw your post earlier today and asked myself the same question. I'm 3 hours in and this is what's going on (actually I'm about 5 hours in. I tried 3 shots in 2 hours had a minor annoying headache, sobered up and decided to go for it). So far (minus the 3 shots I had before). I have had 8 shots. I am blotchy. Mostly on my face and hot to the touch. I also have blotches on my hands. My heart is racing only slightly. The slight (annoying but not terrible) headache is back. I intend to drink more over the course of the night. I am having no other problems.

Inactive 3 May 2012

Hello motownmadness. You are good to go. Meaning safe. I recommend between 36 to 48 hours before having any alcohol. Be you on the 250mg or 500mg pill. Regards, pledge free discount card

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