All my life from childhood til now, I always have to be shaking my leg. As a child it was the only way I could fall asleep. I'm moving it now as I type. At meetings where I can't shake it a lot, I still tense the leg to provide very small movement no one can see, but alone I prefer to shake it. I know it sounds silly.

I don't think it is RLS because there is to "itchy " feeling or restlessness. More like sucking your thumb, I just feel comforted when I do it. It's always the left leg, never the right. I doesn't bother me, but those around me tell me to stop, or in a restaurant the whole booth will shake and I even had a lady get up and yell at me for shaking the table!!!

Also it is not unvoluntary movement because I've had that when I was detoxing from Celexa, twitches I couldn't do anything about.

Does anyone have this? Heard of this? Is it just a part of my anxiety disorder?