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Restless Legs Syndrome - will buspirone help with rls?

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Tuwajoo 13 Sep 2017

I've had severe rls for many years and believe me hot baths and rub downs do little. I have to take both ropinirole (requip) and gabapentin for mine and still have bad nights. I also have PTSD and depression which are very tough to combat with rls because as you know, we are very limited as to what we can take.
I've recently been put on very low doses of viibrid and buspirone which I've been on for about a month and have been noticing my RLS attacks coming on stronger and more frequently. Has anyone experienced this?

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tabatha272 18 Oct 2017

I too have noticed since being on Buspirone that my attacks are more frequent and much stronger.

Rmc24710yrs 1 Sep 2016

I've used Gabepentin as well but it's true that you can get hooked to that so I agree with soulwarrior . Hot showers and as much exercise as you can through the day to tire you out

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soulwarrior 18 March 2016

Hi. The best thing you can do is not add anymore chemicals to your body, after all your on a mission to become free. Take magnesium and passion flower and a hot bath before you go to bed and it will help. You may have to take a few hot baths before you can finally sleep, but also keep n mind the rls will probably only last a few nights.

The sooner you get all chemicals out of your body the better you will feel! No matter what happens keep pushing forward otherwise you will have to go through this again. Whip your flesh ya know. Who is the boss here? You? Or your childish spoiled body? The fact is that your body will control you if you let it, and it has no sense of right and wrong. Its kinda like babysitting. Strength to you my friend.

-Also... some people swear by opening new box of Irish Spring soap and putting it down by your feet under the covers. I have never tried that but I have tried opening a bag of lavender bath salt and setting it next to the head of my bed on a table and it worked.

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Jenniekol1 27 Feb 2016

I had this as well , extra strength Tylenol helped a lot , and hot showers .

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rnazemi 24 Jan 2016

My doctor gave me Gabapentin and I'm having 2X300mg and it helped me a lot.
I can sleep easily with not RLS.
It was the best medicine i ever used.

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