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I am on probation and take lyrica on occation for nerve pain. will this affect my drug screens?

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Inactive 7 June 2011

I think you are all right for drug test, but Lyrica is a seiaure medicine used for nerve pain. It should not be used on an occasional basis. Does your doctor know how you are taking it? This could cause a seizure. Just my thought...

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MichellePerez1027 6 June 2011

Even if it did show up, or in the future you are prescribed a narcotic and that shows up, you will be fine. If you just show your PO the prescription bottles they cant do anything bc you legally have them.

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BRRMARS 6 June 2011

No Lyrica is neither a narcotic or an opiate.

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LaurieShay 6 June 2011

Hey nikishalewis,

The Lyrica will not show up on a standard drug test and should not cause a false positive for anything.

Best wishes,


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