After taking this medicine for the 10 days like my doctor prescribed me to take, which has almost been a year ago. I wasn't experiencing anymore pain in my right ear so I figured the medicine has cured what problems I was experiencing at that time until just yesterday after waking up I had the most sharpest, stabbing severe pain in my ear again, where I couldn't even bare to lift my head from my pillow cause it felt like the pain was shooting even deeper into the inside of my ear which I had been laying on my right side which was probably putting alot of pressure on my ear but the inside of my right ear hurt so severely that I almost cried, its a very intense sharp, stabbing, throbbing pain deep inside, probably close to the inside of my earlobe. My question is why am I having ear pain like this? I take very good care of myself. And atleast three times a week I clean my ears out with a quitip, sometimes adding rubbing alcohol to the qui -tip. And I know not to shove the qui-tip deep inside the ear, and I don't. I basically clean around the inside which i don't go too deep into and around the entire ear. I work in a very dusty environment with carbon, though I work in the office I don't get all the black stuff (Carbon) in my ears like the laborers, but daily I am always getting something out of my ears, even sometimes you can't see anything in them after cleaning them up. I have never experienced this much pain, not even a year ago when my dr prescribed this medication to me. I have had a few little minor pain issues in the same ear which I didnt pay too much attention to as I thought the pain was possibly a pimple, and I could feel it or something like a pimple in the inside of my ear, and the only thing I would end up doing was pushing the pimple towards myself with one of my fingers applying a little pressure, hoping it would eventually pop after applying a little pressure to the pimple daily until it was ready to leave my ear. lol. Sorry this is so long, but my husband and I just moved back to the OK area, and I haven't found a doctor just yet, which when I do find this doctor this time, I am going to ask for a referal to a specialist cause I never want to experience those pains again. lol. Heck I also have degenerative disc disease with two erupted disc, which one sits right on my spinal cord, as next week I am already going to a specialist in the city so in the meantime while waiting to get into the doctor I figured I would ask some other viewers, if they have ever experienced the pain I am experiencing, I really need some good advice on what I can possibly do, to help it, or to temporary ease the pain naturally until I can be seen by my doctor. I would greatly appreciate anyone's help in trying to help me. Thanks for your patience in reading this letter. I hope to find some good answers, I look forward to it. :)