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Does hydro IP 109 325mg/5mg have more or less hydrocodone in it than Hydro/500 mg/5mg?

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Plain Jane 24 Feb 2012

They both have 5mg's hydrocodone. The difference is the acetaminophen. 325mg is regular strength, and 500mg is extra strength.

Havokswim 14 Mar 2015

As far as I know, it isn't that hydro/apap 5/325 is regular strength and 5/500 is extra strength, but that 5/325 is regular strength Norco (and its generic versions) and 5/500 is regular strength Vicodin (and it's generic versions.

Smithquick 3 Jul 2015

Both have the same amount of opioids which is what the 5 stands for and 325 or 500 is the Tylenol if you dont know what acetaminophen stands for. Hope this helps others asking the same question. ;-)

Smithquick 3 Jul 2015

Also im not knocking you but Norco is a company brand name like lorocet and percecet.

maskellswife4life 12 Sep 2016

Also, by experienced 5/325 are stronger feeling then the 5/500's.

maninblack4ever 5 Nov 2016

325/5 are the Same as 500's the 325 is the amount of acetaminophen in the

Kristycunico 20 Nov 2017

If u have the IP 109 just take 3 it will level out to the 500 & have the same strength so it’s a 10/ i half basically free discount card

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