Is there a difference in strength of generics?
I just picked up my RX … ( U37 )…from my pharmacy and it was a generic I had never seen before. My RX is for Tylenol #4, but i had never even seen one without a 4 on it.
even looking it up here, on, it had not photo of it. It is there and the info is the same, I was curious as if there's a difference in generics themselves, their effectiveness?
I know it has to have the same formula in the Tylenol and codeine but it is the make up different? And are generic REALLY as is effective as the brand name?
I know this question sounds confusing. In the drug index it came up the very last one (U37) the only one without the 4!
I know this probably sounds stupid I don't know why it bothers me but my medication is really important to me I stay in chronic pain and I get a limited amount as everyone knows so I want to make sure that I get the most effective.
Thanks for any help I can get thanks