I've had 6 major surgeries but none since 1999. The surgeries caused fistulas. I was treated with Remicade starting in 2001 until 2013. My fistulas closed from 2008-2014. I stopped Remicade treatment because I have bladder problems and got frequent urinary tract infections after infusions. Then in 2014, I developed a fistula and have been suffering ever since. Remicade gave me temporary relief for 1 treatment but 3 months later the fistulas returned. Ever since, Remicade has been ineffective. My illness currently remains active and Humira has been recommended.
I also have low kidney function. Urinary tract infections are treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics are best avoided as treatment not to mention their awful side effects. I was wondering if any Humira user has had trouble with frequent urinary tract infections after injections.