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How long should u wait to eat or drink after to take the suboxone film?

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Thor283 20 Sep 2011

I don't think you need to wait at all, because it isn't supposed to be going through your stomach. The Buprenorphine in that strip is either absorbed in your mouth or not at all. Weren't you told all this?

You also don't really want to be swallowing your saliva as you dissolve the film. Spit it out. Hold it in your mouth 1 - 3 minutes if you can, but then spit it out. Your saliva contains the Naloxone, and you don't want that to get into you. It will make you feel sick. One advantage the Films are supposed to have over the pills is you get less Naloxone tainted saliva in your mouth.

To answer your original question, I'd say 30 minutes is more than enough time to wait. The only reason you may even wait at all is to allow your mouth to absorb any of the drug that still there.

I'd still rise my mouth before I drink anything. Most people don't feel the Nalox they absorb, but some do. I did. So I say spit, rinse, wait 15 - 30 minutes, and then eat or drink as desired.

PollRein 4 Aug 2012

I was just skimming this site for some different information in regards to Suboxone & I came across this. I read the reply posted here and was overwhelmingly compelled to add my thoughts (the first time I've ever written anything on this sight, I might add).

mancoon 10 Nov 2014

This is crazy ... my DOCTOR told me to spit on the remaining saliva after 10 minute of the Bup desolving. I know that after 1-2 minutes that is not nearly long enough for the Bup to desolve so that person is spitting out this expensive medicine. But I have been sick from Naloxone before and it makes you extremely nauseous. However, I've gotten used to it I guess and I always swallow the remainder of the medicine. I thought it was just vile and disgusting to spit it out so I didn't want to. He said it should be a yellow-ish color and you've absorbed all the Bup. I think it's a personal choice, to spit or not to spit (ha), but I don't want to waste any medicine b/c it's so damn expensive!!

That's why I want to know if smoking cigarettes and drinking or eating right after I dose affects the absorption. I am so impatient and I've heard 30 minutes to 45 minutes and I'm hoping I don't have to wait that long ... especially to smoke. Does anyone have some advice? How long do I have to wait???

Thor283 10 Nov 2014

Suboxone strip absorbs much faster than the pills. That's for sure. The latest word on smoking is this. Nicotine causes the blood vessels in the mouth to get thinner so they can't absorb as well. So they say don't smoke for 30 mins before the strip. I realize Sub makes you want to smoke. Kinda like coffee or beer does. But wait 10 to 20 mins after the strip dissolved to get maximum absorption. Unless maybe you're on such a high dose that max absorption doesn't seem important. What else can I say.

LifeCanBeGood 11 Aug 2016

This was posted four years ago, but I can't help myself! Your answer is absurd. You contradict yourself all over the place, and in agreeance with the comment above mine, it's a very misleading answer! How ridiculous.

Thor283 12 Aug 2016

I've been on this stuff a long, long time and I've known many people who have taken it. Results vary greatly. That's why you think my answers are ridiculous. Personally, I haven't seen much difference no matter how I take. The only thing that may matter for me is how moist my mouth is. For example, if I'm starving when I take it my mouth starts salivating as if it were food. The Sub dissolves very fast and I think I get less absorption. Or if the last thing I ate left a coating my mouth, such as yogurt or a rich ice cream, I think that causes less absorption too. The best solution is to try and get your Doc to give you a little more than you really need. If he does that you don't have to worry about any of this, unless you're ultra sensitive to the Naloxone. I am like that so I have to take Subutex and I hate this stuff. If the original Name Brand Subutex had worked like these generics do I would have weaned off after 3 years or so.

Krist10 17 Mar 2018

Actually,it's still absorbing into your body even after the film is gone. You'll know you need to wait a bit longer if there's still a thick coat of the medicine mixed with your saliva still under your tongue or on your cheeks. Sit down and lean over and let your saliva gather in your cheeks(as you're sitting upright , lean forward and tilt your head down) for 5 minutes at least. I do it until I don't taste it in my mouth anymore... but 5 minutes should do. Then spit it out. Rinse and eat.

Krist10 17 Mar 2018

One more thing tho,swallowing your spit doesn't do anything but make you nauseated. free discount card

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