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After the Suboxone film dissolves do you spit it out or do you swallow?

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Hailiecbrown 5 Nov 2020

There is no need to swallow a sublingual as the true design of the medicine is to be absorbed through the lingual veins under your tongue. I have taken the medication for years and always spit the medication out after it dissolves (5-10min.) I notice if I accidentally swallow the medication it makes my stomach upset and I feel nauseous.

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Mz_jones430 10 Dec 2018

Everyone is different i know me personally I swallow it just to make sure I'm not spitting out any of the medicine... milk also helps to get rid of the taste afterwards... good luck on your recovery!!!

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Inactive 18 July 2010

You can actually spit out the dregs but I would wait at least 10 full minutes to make sure that the medicine is fully absorbed under the tongue. You can also use breath mint or other small candy if you hate the taste while you are trying to dissolve the medication.

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pastelcrisis 26 Nov 2018

Is chewing gum alright as far as using something to make the taste better?

Inactive 14 July 2010

You should swallow your saliva... do not spit, as this will negate the effects of your medication! Didn't this prescription come with directions?
Best o' luck!

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Inactive 14 July 2010

MMMMM! nothing like a good swallow of spit to make you feel better lol.

Inactive 18 July 2010

mrspage is on a roll today!!!

Rajive Goel 14 July 2010

How does one swallow which dissolves? Not being funny, in the first place why would one take a med to spit it out? You perhaps refer to SUBUTEX
(buprenorphine HO sublingual) Tablet? This is a mouth dissolving pill.

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christineATU 14 July 2010

You're right, Rajive, I think he means should he swallow his spit. And yes, he should.

Rajive Goel 14 July 2010

Ya, Chris correct, I did ask him that, anyways, thanks. free discount card

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