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Does suboxone show up in a hair follickle test? I am no longer perscribed suboxone and cant get?

Posted 10 Dec 2010 1 answer

back in the program and i fear withdrawals and using harder drugs again. I have been in a custody battle with my fiances mother for years now. they... read more

Started Suboxone @ noon today. 2 mg, 3 times a day. This is my first time rehabbing with suboxone?

Posted 4 Jan 2010 5 answers

Started Suboxone @ noon today. 2 mg, 3 times a day. This is my first time rehabbing with suboxone. Looking for advice to sustain energy... read more

Husband on Suboxone and has Shingles... what do we do? Is this common with Suboxone treatment?

Posted 13 Aug 2011 4 answers

Can anyone tell us what to take to relieve pain? Thanks!

What I need to know is if after taking 5 0r 6 8 mg suboxone today I can go down to half a suboxone?

Posted 25 Feb 2012 2 answers

a day to make up for the meds I wasted and have my meds last through the month. I thought I was over wanting to get high from pain medication but I... read more

I take suboxone,16mg daily. My lab results say I have 0 suboxone in my system. How can this be?

Posted 16 Feb 2011 7 answers

I have been on suboxone for three and a half years at 16mg per day. I get ua's once a week when I go in to get my suboxone and my... read more

Suboxone Users help! I'm on Suboxone and HAVING PROBLMES! Please read this and help me out?

Posted 26 Feb 2010 5 answers

Suboxone Users help. I'm on Sub and take 2 a day (under the tongue, hold the spit 15 min etc).. the first time I took it I thought,... read more

Suboxone to Vicodin to Suboxone... How do I switch?

Posted 4 Oct 2010 2 answers

Okay, so I've been on 16mgs of Suboxone for about 10 months now coming from a 4 year OC/Morphine addiction. Everything has been going... read more

Is it ok to take suboxone ansd soma toghether,even though suboxone has some pain qualities it just?

Posted 27 Feb 2011 8 answers

... wasnt enough for chronic back doc gave me soma,only problem when i take it ,it knocks me out and i take reccomended dose .i only take 4... read more

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