Okay, so I've been on 16mgs of Suboxone for about 10 months now coming from a 4 year OC/Morphine addiction. Everything has been going well until I got diagnosed with a herniated disk and prescribed Lortab 10/325. So I waited about 8 hrs after my last subxone dose before I took any Vikes and after 30mg through the day I felt nothing. Well the next day I started feeling withdrawal symptoms pretty bad. Well to make a long story short, I ended up taking 80mg or more of the Vicodin to chase away the detox. And now its the 3rd day and im still feeling detox symptoms. Why is this happening!? My dr. said i could take as little as 5mg of Vicodin a day and not have any withdrawals from the subs. Either way Ive had it with all this and dont want to risk a full blown relapse so im going back on the Subs today. I need to know when it will be safe for me to take my 1st dose. My last dose of Vicodin was at like midnight Monday morning. Now its 11am on monday. When it comes to switching from morphine to subs im like a pro cause ive done it so many times. But never from Vicodin to subs. I just dont want to go into premature withdrawal or forced withdrawal from taking the subs too soon. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.