Help. I used heavy narcotics for chronic pain for 12 years. I won't EVER touch it again. I only have to think of the hellish month of withdrawal I went through and what life was like before to even keep my mind from going that direction. I currently use 1-2mgs. Of suboxone tape, as needed, but still at least once or twice a weeks. So far no problem. Here's the problem... I will be having my knee replaced in 12 days. I want to use suboxone to treat the pain of this horrible surgery. Is this possible? How much can you take at one time? When they did my first knee, as a habituated pain patient, they gave me 40 mg oxy pills! It has been 14 month since I had anything more than 4 mg of suboxone a day, but will suboxone cover the pain of a knee replacement? Thanks, Harmony