... and since I have been on Suboxone I have gained 45lbs quickly. The weight gain first presented itself as fluid retention with severe peripheral edema. I started going to specialists to figure it out and I have not had any luck yet, I have been to a nephrologist, rheumatologist, neurologist, vascular surgeon, and I am currently getting some tests for a cardiologist. All labs come back normal and all diagnostic testing comes back normal. Weight issues are a very sensitive topic for me since I had gastric bypass almost 6 years ago, and lost 110lbs, and kept all but about 10lbs off for the past 5 years until this quick weight gain occurred with the onset of Suboxone use. I have been reading other people's experience with weight gain and suboxone and I am now wondering if my weight gain was caused by Suboxone, my pain management doctor has never had a patient on Suboxone gain a lot of weight quickly, but he has said to me that it is possible. Now after reading a few entries on this support group sight, I am beginning to feel that I have found an answer. It is weird because I have no appetite, but the only thing that tastes good to me is are sweets, which if eaten in large quantities make me sick due to the gastric bypass. My reason for going on pain medicine is a newly diagnosed neurological condition called pseudo-tumor cerebri, this has caused me a lot of headaches, some days worse than others. Now after this journey with pain medication that started with the pseudo tumor diagnosis, I am in such a tailspin I just want everything to go back to normal so I can start enjoying life again. Any suggestions or comments I would appreciate. Thanks so much! Baron's mommy!!