I have been on Suboxone for three and a half years at 16mg per day. I get UA's once a week when I go in to get my Suboxone and my ua is sent off to a lab for further testing regardless of results. Today I was confronted by the staff at the opiate program and they said my lab results came back stating I had no Suboxone in my system. How can this be? I faithfully take my Suboxone and would be extremely sick if I missed it. In the entire 3 and a half years I missed one day because I overslept. By the time evening rolled around I was so sick, couldn't move and just wanted to lay down. Barely slept the entire night because I was worried about oversleeping the next day. I cannot figure out why my results say I had negative in my system. The only thing I can think of is that my urine got mixed up with someone else's. They were also trying to claim my levels have been low? I don't know how that could be either. In the past two years where they have been monitoring my levels they have never said anything about my levels before and I have been taking the same amount. They acted like the lab where the urine is analyzed could not have made a mistake. They were going to take my Suboxone away from me. Thankfully I am a very compliant patient and do everything I am supposed to and my counselor stuck up for me otherwise I would be severely ill right now. If anyone has any answers please let me know.